The Media Lab Team

Here at the Media Lab we are all unique and diverse in our skills and specialities. However, we are all equal in that we share the same passions: to create, learn and collaborate. We’re focused and enthusiastic and we’d very much like to briefly give you a breakdown of what we can do:

Web Developers

Using the latest web standards we create high quality websites/web applications which are mobile-friendly and focus on ease of use.

Video Creators

Our video media team love creating engaging and shareable content to best suit your audience. They are all Speilbergs’ in the making. However, our health and safety representative no longer allows us to work with dinosaurs.

Mobile Developers

It’s no longer the case that just teenagers are glued to their phones, Speak to us to find how best you can make your or your customer’s lives easier with mobile technology.

Designers & Illustrators

You’ve got an image in your mind. You can see your creation in your mind’s eye. Let us make it happen. Sit down with our designers and we are sure you’ll be pointing at the screen and saying, “Yes! That’s it!” in no time.


Video Creator

Frequently found at comic book conventions